NOTE: If you're a storyteller and would like to be featured on The Teller and the Tale, contact me with your details.


79. The Teller and the Tale presents Icelandic storyteller Ingi Hans. Ingi is perhaps one of Iceland's finest storytellers. Host Michael Williams travelled to Iceland to meet this unique bard in April 2018. Broadcast 29 April 2018.

78. The Teller and the Tale presents storyteller Carol Day. Carol is a storyteller and the founder of the Creative School of Storytelling in Fife, Scotland. Two-part broadcast in March/April 2018.

77. The Teller and the Tale presents Spring Stories from Laura Simms, Michael Williams, and Jane Yolen. Broadcast in March 2018.

76. The Teller and the Tale presents Voices in Scotland. Four episodes broadcast in January 2018.
75. The Teller and the Tale features personal fitness coach Eric Dowling. Eric is the founder and coach at Grand Personal Training in Caledonia, Ontario. Listen as Eric shares the story of his passion for fitness and healthy living. Broadcast on 31 December 2017.

74. The Teller and the Tale recalls old friends. Broadcast 15 November 2017.

73. The Teller and the Tale pays tribute to Autumn. Broadcast 24 October 2017.
72. The Teller and the Tale features Scottish storyteller Anne Pitcher. A rewind edition first broadcast in 2014. Re-broadcast 1 and 5 October 2017.

71. The Teller and the Tale celebrates Autumn with host Michael Williams. Broadcast 24th and 28th September 2017.

70. The Teller and the Tale features Scottish storyteller David Campbell. Broadcast August 6 and 10 August 2017.

69. The Teller and the Tale features a 2-part interview with Canadian singer and musical storyteller Laura Smith. Broadcast 23 July and 28 July 2017.

68. The Teller and the Tale features storyteller Joanna Chapman Smith. Broadcast 16 July and 21 July 2017.

67. The Teller and the Tale features storyteller Ed Stivender. Broadcast 9 July and 13 July.

66. The Teller and the Tale features Canadian storyteller Brenda Byers. Broadcast Sunday 29 January 2017 and 2 February 2017.

65. The Teller and the Tale celebrates Robert Burns Night. Broadcast Sunday 22 January 2017 (rpt).

64. The Teller and the Tale with storyteller Anne Pitcher (repeat). Broadcast Sunday January 15th.

63. The Teller and the Tale tribute to the late Andy Hunter, storyteller and founder of Story Bikes. Broadcast Sunday 6 November 2016 and Thursday 10 November 2016.

62. The Teller and the Tale featuring host and storyteller Michael Williams. Broadcast Sunday 30 October 2016 and Thursday 3 November 2016.

61. The Teller and the Tale features storytellers Regi Carpenter, Heather Forest, and Mike Lockett. Broadcast Sunday 23 October 2016 and Thursday 27 October 2016.

60. The Teller and the Tale features storyteller, writer, and sacred dance teacher Anna Barton of the Findhorn Community in Scotland.

59. The Teller and the Tale features three storytellers - Len Cabral and Norah Dooley from the United States, and Donna Jacobs Sife from Australia.

58. The Teller and the Tale rewinds to present storyteller, artist and outdoor educator Daru McAleece.

57. The Teller and the Tale pays tribute to storyteller and animator Roger Way who passed away on 1 May 2016.

56. The Teller and the Tale introduces pupils from Drumduan Upper School in Forres, Scotland. Host Michael Williams had the privilege of teaching a Storytelling and Creative Writing Main Lesson in January 2016. The pupils share their memories of story and storytelling and three step up to tell their choice of tales.

55. The Teller and the Tale rewinds to a previous show with Scots-French storyteller Fiona MacLeod.

54. The Teller and the Tale rewinds to a previous show with storyteller Alette Willis.

53. The Teller and the Tale remembers storyteller Andy Hunter, who passed away last January at the age of 60. In this episode (first broadcast last year) we hear Andy tell two of his favourite stories.

52. The Teller and the Tale presents its Christmas 2015 edition, featuring The Beatles, John McCutcheon, Bob Dylan, and Gord Bamford. Also presenting host and Michael Williams sharing a special festive story especially created for the show.

51. The Teller and the Tale features Danish storyteller Marianne Christensen.  Marianne brings compassion, courage, and humour to her storytelling. Just a few minutes in her company will enthuse you with her passion; after half an hour, you just might find yourself following in her footsteps on your own storytelling journey.

50. The Teller and the Tale features stories of war from Canadian storyteller Nils Ling and American storyteller Dan Keding (pictured). Host Michael Williams also adds a tale to the mix. Michael's musical selection comes from Scots-Australian folksinger Eric Bogle. (22 November)
49. The Teller and the Tale features stories from the first Inverness Storytelling Festival, held at the Bike Shed in the capital of the Scottish Highlands, Inverness. Storytellers include George Macpherson, Graham Walker, Lizzie McDougall, and Rachel Clark. I also caught up with Festival organiser Dougie Mackay. (15 November)
48. The Teller and the Tale featuring American storyteller Janelle Combelic (a rewind session originally recorded in 2014). Catch it on 6, 8, and 10 September.

47. The Teller and the Tale featuring Newfoundland storyteller Owen Pilgrim (a rewind session). 5 July, 7 July and 9 July.

46. The Teller and the Tale with Scottish storyteller Fiona Herbert (a rewind session) 28 June, 30 June, and 2 July 2015.

45. The Teller and the Tale featuring Scottish storyteller and music teacher Alec Miller (a rewind session) 3 May, 5 May, and 7 May 2015

Eva Grayzel
44. The Teller and the Tale featuring storytellers Eva Grayzel, Megan Hicks, and Ed Stivender (see No. 29 below).  (5 April, 7 April and 9 April 2015; rpt from August 2014)

David Campbell
43. The Teller and the Tale featuring storyteller and author David Campbell. (29 March, 31 March and 2 April; rpt from November 2014)

42. The Teller and the Tale featuring storyteller and herbalist Amanda Edmiston. (15 March, 17 March and 19 March 2015).

41. The Teller and the Tale featuring comedian and actor Bob Newhart, actor Anthony Griffith, and storyteller and author Garrison Keillor. (22 February, 24 February, and 26 February 2015)

40. The Teller and the Tale features Scottish-French storyteller Fiona MacLeod. (1 February, 3 February, and 5 February 2015).

39. The Teller and the Tale celebrates the anniversary of Robert Burns. (25 January, 27 January, and 29 January).

38. The Teller and the Tale pays tribute to the late Andy Hunter, storyteller and Storybikes founder. (18 January, 20 January, and 22 January)

37. The Teller and the Tale with storyteller and children's author Janis MacKay (rewind session, first broadcast September 2013)
Janis is an award-winning children's and young people's author and professional storyteller. In 2009 she won the Kelpie Prize for her novel Magnus Finn and the Ocean Quest. Since then she has penned two more novels in the series and released another novel for young people entitled The Accidental Time Traveller. Janis is a frequent and popular visitor to more than a hundred primary schools around Scotland.

Programme List (note: some weeks, past shows have been repeated):

36. The Teller and the Tale with Danish storyteller Marianne Christensen.

Sunday 7 December 2014 at 7am EDT (Canada/US) and 12 noon GMT (UK/Ireland) -- Tuesday 9 December 2014 at 8pm EDT and 1am GMT -- Thursday 11 December 2014 at 4pm EDT and 9pm GMT

35. The Teller and the Tale with guest storytellers Lev Ropes, Jane Yolen, and Charles Kiernan

Sunday 30 November 2014 at 7am EDT (Canada/US) and 12 noon GMT (UK/Ireland) -- Tuesday 2 December 2014 at 8pm EDT and 1am GMT -- Thursday 4 December 2014 at 4pm EDT and 9pm GMT

34. The Teller and the Tale with guest storyteller David Campbell

Sunday 9 November 2014 at 7am EDT (Canada/US) and 12 noon GMT (UK/Ireland) -- Tuesday 11 November 2014 at 8pm EDT and 1am GMT -- Thursday 13 November 2014 at 4pm EDT and 9pm GMT

33. The Teller and the Tale with storytellers Regi Carpenter, Heather Forest, and Mike Lockett (first broadcast 26 October 2014).
This week on The Teller and the Tale, I'm joined by American storytellers Regi Carpenter, Heather Forest, and Mike Lockett.

Regi Carpenter grew up on the shores of the St Lawrence River in upstate New York, in the same area that was home to her father, grandfather,and great-grandfather. Her storytelling is not only well-rooted in the soil of her childhood, but it reaches back through the generations telling of “hard knock lives lived gloriously.” She describes her family as “religious, raucous, tender, terrible, crazy and caring.” She’s been telling stories professionally since the mid 90s and has gone on to win numerous awards. She currently works as professor of storytelling at Ithaca College in upstate New York.

Heather Forest has been telling stories for the better part of 30 years. In that time she has performed all over the world and has earned numerous accolades and awards for her storytelling, including the 2003 Storytelling World Honor Award for her recording of her award-winning book "Wisdom Tales from around the World." Highly recommended. Heather lives in Huntingdon, New York where she is the Executive Director of Story Arts, a cultural arts organisation that provides storytelling concerts and workshops throughout the Long Island, New York area. She’s not only an accomplished storyteller but a musician, poet and award-winning author.

Finally, we meet Mike Lockett. Mike is a teacher, an author, motivational speaker, recording artist, workshop facilitator, radio host as well as a storyteller. His website cites more than 3000 performances in the US and around the world including the Far East where he’s a popular author and performer. Not surprising given that Mike has been telling stories for more than 40 years.

32. The Teller and the Tale with storyteller Eshu Bumpus (first broadcast 28 September 2014).
Join me this week for stories from the great Afro-American storyteller and jazz vocalist Eshu Bumpus.

Now, Eshu Bumpus might not be a household name to many of you, but he's been telling and singing his stories for more than a quarter of a century, across America and around the world. Dressed in traditional kaftan, Eshu invokes African, Afro-American and World folktales and songs, bringing his storytelling to audiences young and old.

He is above all a man of peace and this is reflected in his stories and workshops. He encourages young people to reflect on peaceful solutions to problems, which stories pose, inviting them to do so in a way that invokes compassion and respect for others. As you can guess, he's a popular workshop facilitator in schools, community groups, and prisons.

Join me this week and listen as Eshu shares three stories, told in his unique jazzy idiom. He's worked with some of the best jazz musicians around and his CDs are well produced.This is one "cool" storyteller you won't want to miss!

31. The Teller and the Tale with storytellers Len Cabral, Norah Dooley, and Donna Jacobs Sife (first broadcast 14 September 2014).
This show features three American storytellers Len Cabral, Norah Dooley, and Donna Jacobs Sife.

Len Cabral is an Afro-American storyteller whose roots go back to his grandparents' who lived in the Republic of the Cabro Verde (formerly the Cape Verde Islands) off the coast of west Africa. Although his grandparents emigrated to America years ago, Len's stories owe much to his ancestral heritage. He tells many tales from the African, Cabo Verdean, and Caribbean traditions. In this programme, Len shares the traditional tale of "Grandmother Spider" and we learn the smallest is not always the weakest.

Norah Dooley is an award-winning storyteller, musician and author whose stories inform as well as entertain. She's known for her performance of Mary Read, the 18th century pirate who became the lover of pirate captain Jack Rackham, probably the only pirate to break male sea-faring tradition and allow not one, but two women on board under his command. However, the story she shares on our programme is about another powerful but more kindly woman known as Catriona in "Catriona the Wise".

Finally, I feature Australian storyteller Donna Jacobs Sife. I've long admired Donna's peace work, using story as a way of helping to bridge differences and resolve conflict around the world. Donna has earned many accolades and awards for both her storytelling and peace work and she's a tireless activist. She's a regular columnist for the Australian Jewish News and a co-founder of the Jewish Voices for Peace and Justice. She's a much sought-after educator and school performer. The story she performs for us in this programme tells of an old king's special way of finding a worthy successor.

30. The Teller and the Tale with storytellers Gayle Ross, Kevin Cordi, and Pam Holcomb (first broadcast on 31 August 2014).
Another show featuring a trio of American storytellers -- Gayle Ross, Kevin Cordi, and Pam Holcomb.

Gayle Ross is a mixed-blood (she's part Scots) member of the Cherokee nation and many of her stories reflect and celebrate her heritage. She is the great-great-great granddaughter of John Ross, leader of the Cherokee people who were ousted from their lands in the 1830s and forced west on what was to become known as the 'Trail of Tears'. Listen to Gayle share a traditional tale entitled "The Girl Who Married the Moon". You many never look at the moon again in the same way.

Kevin Cordi was inspired by his parents' stories of growing up in West Virginia and started telling stories himself at an early age. Since then he's gone on to entertain audiences across the US and beyond. He's passionate about reaching out to young people and regularly performs, coaches and supports children and young people through storytelling. His love of his Appalachian roots comes through his stories as today's story "The Farmer and the Pig" reveals.

Pam Holcomb was a new discovery for me but not for thousands of others who have come to know and love Pam's storytelling. Like Kevin and Gayle, Pam too celebrates her Appalachian roots which run deep. Pam was a teacher for thirty years and today's story draws on that experience in a poignant and inspiring tale of one particular pupil's strength and courage.

29. The Teller and the Tale with storytellers Eva Grayzel, Megan Hicks, and Ed Stivender (first broadcast 24 August 2014).
This is my first show featuring a trio of veteran American storytellers Eva Grayzel, Megan Hicks, and Ed Stivender. Their Appalachian roots tie them together and they present some wonderfully engaging stories.

Eva Grayzel is a master teller, author and motivational speaker. Her career was nearly cut short in 1998 when she was diagnosed with advanced stage oral cancer and given only a 15% chance of survival. Barely able to speak, Eva underwent radical treatment and against the odds, survived. Since then she has gone on to develop her storytelling career, raising awareness of oral cancer, and setting up a foundation to support children with family members with cancer. Listen to Eva tell the story of "The Stonecutter".

Megan is a superb storyteller and has been a regular guest at storytelling festivals across the world, including the celebrated National Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough Tennessee. In addition to being an engaging storyteller, Megan also makes origami jewellery and loves turning found object into stories and playthings. Megan Hicks draws on her Appalachian roots and gives them a twist in this rollicking tale of the "Fisherman and the Groundhog".

Our final storyteller is Ed Stivender. Ed is also an award-winning storyteller who delights audiences wherever he goes. Often accompanying himself on banjo or guitar, Ed can enthrall folk young and old. Join us as Ed takes the stage for a performance of "Ulster Jack" and listen to one of the masters of the genre.

28. The Teller and the Tale with storyteller Ruth Kirkpatrick (first broadcast 17 August 2014).
In this programme I introduce the storytelling of the wonderful Scottish storyteller Ruth Kirkpatrick. Ruth was my early mentor (along with Claire McNicol) back in the late 90s. She has honed her craft before audiences young and old, around the world. She is also a qualified social worker and has been instrumental in bringing storytelling into a variety of therapeutic settings in residential care centres, prisons, community centres, churches, schools and others.

27. The Teller and the Tale with storyteller, StoryCoach, and radio host Michael Williams (first broadcast 3 August 2014).
In this programme, Michael becomes the guest teller. Learn more about Michael and his story work at

26. The Teller and the Tale with storyteller and writer Nils Ling (first broadcast 6 April 2014).
Nils Ling is an author, a humorist, not to mention a bounder, a cad, and a ne'er-do-well who lives and works in (on?) Prince Edward Island, Canada.
25. The Teller and the Tale with storyteller Alison Clark (first broadcast week of 6 July 2014).
Alison Clark was born in Paisley, and was a student of Drama at the RSAMD – after which she travelled around the theatres in Scotland, performing at several seasons in Perth and Pitlochry. She also was a member of the BBC’s Radio Repertory Company in London. After some years, she had to take over and run the family business –a Public House, which she did for almost twenty years. During this time she also became a mature student at the Glasgow School of Art, where she graduated in 2001 with an Honours degree.

She and her husband Ed moved to the Isle of Bute some ten years ago, where Alison runs her studio. She is a painter and silversmith and loves being part of the island community. It was while she was involved with one of the writing groups that thrive in Rothesay that she had her first taste of story-telling and was encouraged to work towards inclusion into the Directory.

Alison enjoys researching site-specific venues so that she can write specifically for and about them, for audiences of all ages.  She also usually makes her own historically accurate costumes to wear while telling her tales and has an extensive wardrobe of more fantastical creations to create magical, atmospheric characters.

Alison loves to use puppets and music in her tales. She also helps run the Out of Hand Punch and Judy Booth, which she created with Ed and her friend and colleague Colleen Magennis.  She writes new adventures for Punch almost every time they perform and although Punch is a bit of a reformed character these days, he still manages to create mayhem. Alison also plays the ukulele, Celtic harp and the Dulcimer. (courtesy of the Scottish Storytelling Centre)

Storyteller Alette Willis
24. The Teller and the Tale with Alette Willis (first broadcast week of 22 June 2014).
Born in the UK, brought up in Canada, and now lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, Alette Willis is a world-class storyteller.

She was awarded a PhD in Human Geography from Carleton University in Ottawa in 2008 and later moved to Edinburgh where she works as a narrative researcher and teacher at Edinburgh University's Dept of Counselling and Psychotherapy. "My research," she explains, "focuses on how people use narratives to give meaning to their lives and to make ethical choices, both in crisis moments and everyday life."

In July 2014 she teams up with storyteller and psychologist Steven Killick to host the colloquium "Storytelling in Health and Well-Being" at the George Ewart Evans Centre for Storytelling, University of South Wales in association with the Beyond the Border International Storytelling Festival.

Alette's also an award-winning author, winning the 2011 Kelpie Prize for Fiction for the novel How To Make a Golem (and Terrify People) (Floris Books).

In addition to her academic and writing talents, Alette is a creative and engaging storyteller with strong interests in the environment and ecology. She's been a regular contributor to the Royal Botanical Gardens "Talking Trees" storytelling project and has taken part in numerous science festivals where she uses story to explain cosmological concepts.

You can learn more about Alette and her work by visiting and . . .

Storyteller Tracey Milliner
23. The Teller and the Tale with Tracey Milliner (first broadcast week of 15 June 2014).
Next week on The Teller and the Tale, my guest storyteller will be Tracey Milliner. Tracey was born and raised in London, England. She grew up surrounded by a nurturing Jamaican community and has deep roots in the music and story of that culture.

However, her interests also branch into English and Celtic cultures. These different cultures intersect in her storytelling and writing. She has recently developed a children's character "Rastapixie", a mixed-race little girl from a Rastafarian background who travels to the land of the pixies to earn her wings. Tracey hopes the story will develop into a series of children's books. Judging from the writing and the illustrations I've seen we'll soon be seeing and enjoying her books soon.

When Tracey isn't busy writing, she can often be found singing and DJ-ing. Her family is musical and those influences have rubbed off on her-- funk, hip-hop, soul, Soca, African and, of course, reggae are all part of her repertoire. She's also a singer-songwriter too.

Learn more about Tracey and "Rastapixie" at or 'Like' her Facebook page at

Storyteller Karen Gummo

22. The Teller and the Tale with Karen Gummo (first broadcast week of 8 June 2014).
Karen Gummo lives in Calgary, Alberta in Canada. She is a storyteller and visual artist and has been a dedicated listener and lover of story for all of her days. Since 1986 she has been sharing favourite tales with willing audiences. Her Danish and Icelandic heritage provide her with countless sagas of the Vikings and of the humble folk of Scandinavia. Family members have been generous too in sharing tales of their adventures and so Karen continues to honour and to hone those remarkable stories.

Karen is very much involved in her local storytelling community. She's been instrumental in organising World Storytelling Day events and has been a long-standing member of both T.A.L.E.S. (The Alberta League Encouraging Storytelling) and the Storytellers of Canada-Conteurs du Canada). She's be attending the latter's annual conference in July 2014 at Summerside, Prince Edward Island.

Storyteller Daniel Allison

21. The Teller and the Tale with Daniel Allison (first broadcast week of 11 May 2014).
Daniel has travelled, lived and worked in African villages, Nepalese monasteries and the Amazon jungle and loves to share the stories he found on his journeys, with music being integral to Daniel’s delivery. He uses didgeridoo, Native American flute, Jew’s harp, rattles, drums and Tibetan singing bowls to enchant his audiences.
Listen again to Daniel.

Storyteller Dean Verger
20. The Teller and the Tale with Dean Verger (first broadcast week of 20 April 2014).
Dean has acted with Ottawa's Theater For Children, Orpheus, and Ottawa Little Theater. He has appeared at Centrepointe Theater, on stage at the National Arts Centre's Fourth Stage, and in the Museum of Nature. He has performed his original works on both radio and television and across Canada at festivals, cafes, and libraries.

Dean's latest project is a one-hour storytelling adaptation of Herman Melville's Moby Dick. He is touring the show through BC, beginning in Vancouver, then moving to Victoria, Parksville, and finishing in Nanaimo.

Dean also owned and ran Rasputin's Folk Cafe in Ottawa, Canada. This little club started in 1981. In that time he hosted thousands of concerts featuring musicians, storytellers, actors, and poets.
Listen again to Dean.

Storyteller Fiona Herbert
19. The Teller and the Tale with Fiona Herbert (first broadcast week of 13 April 2014).
After 10 years of teaching in London, England, Fiona Herbert returned to her native Scotland and has transformed herself into a sparkling storyteller. In 2012, she became the first woman to win the coveted Tall Tales Oscar and she is currently hosting the 'SpeakEasy' comedy/storytelling club. This summer also sees the debut of Fiona's solo show "Frequently Asked Questions" at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Listen again to our conversation and her witty tale.

Owen Pilgrim
18. The Teller and the Tale with Owen Pilgrim (first broadcast week of 30 March 2014). 
Owen Pilgrim was born in St Anthony's, a small fishing village on the northern shore of Newfoundland, Canada where he grew up with stories of the Vikings, the Inuit and the tales his father invented. His Scottish mother enthralled him with her stories of Scotland. In his early 20s, Owen moved to Scotland to attend art college. Since then, he's made a name for himself as a storyteller. Listen again, as Owen shares a story of greed and come uppance.

Singer-songwriter and storyteller Laura Smith

17. The Teller and the Tale with Laura Smith, Part 2 (first broadcast week of 23 March 2014).
Part 2 of my conversation with Laura will appear soon.

16. The Teller and the Tale with Laura Smith (first broadcast week of 16 March 2014). Laura Smith is a Canadian singer, songwriter and musical storyteller. She rose to fame in the 90s only to have her career cut short by a series of accidents which necessitated hospitalisation and recuperation, the result of which led to an addiction to painkillers. However, following a successful rehab, Laura is back with a new album "Everything is Moving" and a new lease on life. Adopted a birth, Laura has also recently discovered her Scottish roots. Learn more about Laura at

Sudha Umashanker

15. The Teller and the Tale with Sudha Umashanker (first broadcast week of 9 March 2014). Sudha Umashanker is a storyteller and freelance journalist based in Chennai, India. She has published in leading Indian newspapers and magazines such as The Hindu, The Times of India, The Economic Times, The New Indian Express and The Deccan Chronicle.

She has written on a wide variety of subjects from medical and spiritual articles to personal stories and humour pieces. A trained storyteller she has told stories in schools, colleges, bookstores, coffee shops and festivals. She is also a radio broadcaster and has produced features for television. She supports a number of social causes and is particularly interested in the welfare of women, children, the environment and road safety among other issues.

Alexander Miller
14. The Teller and the Tale with Alexander Miller (first broadcast week of 16 February 2014). As a Vocal Facilitator, Guardian of the Space (ACE) and Adventure Aberdeen Tutor, Alec is deeply passionate about and committed to helping people of all ages: let their voices ebb and flow naturally, freely and creatively both in an individual and a collective sense; create their own inner sense of security, resilience and motivation; and connect with, appreciate and play in the wider natural community of which we are a part.

He is available to run, organise and collaborate on a wide variety of vocal/music/multi-arts/play/outdoor project themes in the following capacities: on a freelance basis as a Vocal Facilitator in the UK and abroad; in partnership with the Aberdeen Choral Ensemble (ACE); through his Adventure Aberdeen work with Aberdeen City Council; and through volunteering his services. Furthermore, one of his core commitments and missions involves providing opportunities, mentoring and pastoral support for youth and adult volunteers in the areas of music, the arts, the outdoors, leadership and community life skills, and overall personal development and wellbeing. Contact Alec at

Anne Pitcher
13. The Teller and the Tale with Anne Pitcher (first broadcast week of 09 February 2014). Anne is a popular storyteller from the west of Scotland.  Her Scottish roots are evident in her love of Celtic stories and folklore. The daughter of a minister, Anne is a committed Christian and loves to tell Biblical stories. As a mother and Nursery Teacher, Anne is at home telling stories to small children as she is with adults. She loves creating a sense of place and frequently uses sound-makers to invoke both place and mood. Her stories are usually participatory and interactive making her a popular guest at festivals, small gatherings, the classroom, library and other venues. Contact Anne at

Calum Lykan

12. The Teller and the Tale with Calum Lykan (first broadcast week of 3 February 2014).  Calum is a popular sight on Edinburgh's Royal Mile where he can often be found guiding tourists into the darker recesses of Scotland's capital. He's a first-rate storyteller who can spin a yarn in his charming Scottish brogue while revealing a history of "Auld Reekie" you might not have heard before. Whether it's his popular "Whisky & Tales" or one of his historical walking tours, Calum will charm and entertain you. Born just a stone's throw from the birthplace of Robbie Burns, Calum brings a love of Celtic culture to his storytelling. 

Margot Henderson
11. The Teller and the Tale with Margot Henderson (first broadcast 21 October 2013).  Margot Henderson is a Scots-Irish poet and storyteller, Her background lies in community education, integrative art therapy, creative writing and storytelling theatre. She has trained in both Shamanic and Buddhist traditions. Since 2002 Margot has been storytelling Fellow for Aberdeen and Writer in Residence for the Cromarty Arts Trust. She teaches Mindfulness Meditation and Creative Writing and is a Cultural Creative specialist with Nature Culture Scotland.


Janis Mackay
10. The Teller and the Tale with Janis Mackay (first broadcast week of 30 September 203). Janis is an award-winning children's and young people's author and professional storyteller. In 2009 she won the Kelpie Prize for her novel Magnus Finn and the Ocean Quest. Since then she has penned two more novels in the series and released another novel for young people entitled The Accidental Time Traveller. Janis is a frequent and popular visitor to more than a hundred primary schools around Scotland. When she's not writing or telling stories, she can be found teaching creative writing at Edinburgh University. Learn more about Janis and her work at

Elly C. Stuart
9. The Teller and the Tale with Elly C. Stuart (first broadcast week of 23 September 2013). Elly believes strongly that everyone has a story to tell. She's been a professional actor since the late 80s and more recently has turned her talents to storytelling. Her work has taken her around the world on a number of projects working with children, young people and adults. Elly is also interested in mindfulness and the healing aspects of story. Learn more about Elly and her work at

Roger Way
8. The Teller and the Tale with Roger Way (first broadcast week of 26 August 2013). Roger grew up on the wrong side of the tracks in Canada's capital city Ottawa. Blessed with some artistic talent, Roger left school and fell in with Ottawa's local film community. Later he moved to Montreal where he got involved with the National Film Board and such artists as Bill Mason and Blake James. During the mid-60s Roger moved to London, England where he landed a job as an assistant animator with the director Richard Williams. Roger worked on such films as Williams' neglected classic "The Thief and the Cobbler" and Robert Zemekis' "Who Framed Roger Rabbit". Roger loves to share stories of those days and now makes his home in the Findhorn Community in the north of Scotland.

Janelle Combelic

The Teller and the Tale with Janelle Combelic (first broadcast week of 19 August 2013).  Originally from Colorado, Janelle Combelic now makes her home in the north of Scotland where she's part of the Findhorn Community. Not only is she a storyteller but also practises and teaches mindfulness, having followed in the footsteps of Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh. Janelle's storytelling reflects her interest in healing and forgiveness. She is currently offering workshops which invite participants to explore the experience of forgiveness through story, dialogue and meditation. She will also take part in the Findhorn Foundation's Forgiveness conference at the end of September 2013. Janelle shares her thoughts on therapeutic storytelling and tells an ancient tale from the Inuit tradition. Learn more about mindfulness and Janelle's work by contacting her at

Ray Armstrong

6. The Teller and the Tale with Ray Armstrong (first broadcast week of 11 August 2013) Ray Armstrong is an actor and storyteller who has lived in the Findhorn Community in the north of Scotland for many years. Born in London, Ray took a job in the 50s with the Forestry Commission in northern England where he attempted to realise his boyhood fantasy of living like Tarzan in the woods. However, Northern sensibilities quashed those aspirations and Ray went on to pursue a career in acting. In the early 60s he became a member of the travelling Children's Theatre Company, driving a bus around the UK, performing in small towns and villages. From there Ray became involved in repertory theatre, often performing three different plays a week! Eventually, Ray graduated to the esteemed Royal Shakespeare Company. Ray's a wonderful storyteller, not only telling stories of his theatrical life but also, as we shall hear, a compelling teller of traditional tales. More on the Findhorn Foundation at

Alison Galbraith
5. The Teller and the Tale with Allison Galbraith (first broadcast week of 4 August 2013) Born in England to Scottish parents, Allison now lives in Lanark, south of Glasgow. [She also has Canadian connections -- her great, great grandfather Hugh Campbell emigrated in the 1920s settling in my hometown of Hamilton Ontario. His sister later married into the Emslie family, so if there are any Emslies reading this or listening to the show next week, get in touch.] Allison started storytelling back in the 1980s when she started telling stories to Travellers' children in the Midlands. Since then, she's taken her passion for storytelling all over the UK. She has a wide repertoire of stories and accents with which to tell them. She loves nature stories and revels in tales of the faery folk from the Celtic tradition. Learn more about Allison and her stories, beginning next week on the Teller and the Tale. Contact her through the following link:

"Allison was captivating and her storytelling magical." Anne

"Oh wow absolutely spell binding Story today! . . .  I was holding my breath at the first mention of the Rowan Tree!" Siobhan

Seán Pugh
4.  The Teller and the Tale with Seán Pugh (first broadcast week of 28 July 2013)  Liverpudlian Seán Pugh is a musician and composer with more than 40 years experience telling stories through music and lyrics. After a lengthy stint in the rock and roll business on both sides of the Atlantic (including work with bands like Flock of Seagulls, the Triffids, Final Frame, and Paddie Bell), Seán returned to Edinburgh where he writes music, performs and produces for bands and singer-songwriters. When he's not busy writing another jingle for BBC Merseyside or contributing a backing track for an up and coming singer-songwriter, Seán can be found at his keyboard composing another musical tale. Listen to Seán at   "Another fantastic show!" Steve

Daru McAleece

3. The Teller and the Tale with Daru McAleece (first broadcast week of July 21st, 2013)  Daru McAleece is a Druid storyteller, performer and visual artist with a strong love of Nature, science-fiction and Celtic mythology. Although he was born and raised in Edinburgh, Daru has strong ancestral links with the Scottish Borders where he now lives. He currently works as a Forest Schools practitioner and is the founder of the Bardic Grove storytelling project. Learn more about Daru's work at

"Very interesting interview . . . love this programme . . .always leaves us wanting more."

"Great to listen to Daru!"

"Daru McAleece has a captivating voice, telling one of my favourite tales." Wendy

Paula Cowie
 2. The Teller and the Tale with Paula Cowie (first broadcast week of July 14th, 2013)  Paula Cowie comes from Fife where she works as a manager for Sustainable Communities Initiative, a ecological charity based at the Earthship Fife Visitor Centre near the town of Kinghorn. Paula is a dedicated environmentalist and can often be found telling stories to schoolchildren and adults on ecological themes. Learn more about Paula's work at

"Thank you Paula, great to listen." Claire

Peter Snow
1. The Teller and the Tale with Peter Snow (first broadcast week of July 7th, 2013)  Peter Snow is a teacher, poet and a popular storyteller from Edinburgh Scotland. He's been a barman, a psychiatric nurse and a goat-herder in Corsica. He also taught English and Drama at the Edinburgh Rudolf Steiner School where storytelling is an important part of its pedagogy. While loving to tell tales from around the world, Peter is especially fond of stories from Ireland and Scotland. Learn more at

Listeners' comments on the programme:

"Love this beyond words. . . . Takes us back to the Art of watching the Radio ~ incredibly Wonderful ~ love and Peace to You all Today." Kristan

"Wow! I thoroughly enjoyed that! I wasn't sure I would because no one ever sits down and "listens" to stories anymore (in my world), but I'm an avid reader with a vivid imagination and I saw the whole story just as if I were watching an episode of Game of Thrones. Excellent!" Wendy

"Fantastic show with fabulous guests . . .  we are always left wanting more !" Steve

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