Saturday, December 30, 2017

Getting Fit with Eric Dowling

Eric Dowling, founder and coach,
Grand Personal Training
As one year comes to an end, we reflect and look ahead to the next. For many, New Year's resolutions or intentions include living a more fit and healthy life.

This week (31 December 2017), host Michael Williams speaks with personal fitness coach Eric Dowling. Eric is a young entrepreneur who has transformed his passion for healthy living into a successful business. Grand Personal Training ( is a fitness studio based in Caledonia, Ontario, serving a growing clientele who receive personalised training and support to build a "high performance body" and positive lifestyle.

As Eric points out, it's all about your attitude and the story you tell yourself about fitness that makes the difference. In turn, Michael listens to Eric share his story and learns more about how it has transformed him and his business.

The programme begins on Sunday 31 December at 7am ET (Canada/US), 12 noon (UK/Ire), and 9pm (Australia). Repeated on Thursday 4 January. Go to to listen and discover the station that champions the independent artist.

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