Friday, August 4, 2017

Meet Scottish storyteller David Campbell

Storyteller David Campbell
This week I "rewind" to my 2014 interview with one of Scotland's best-loved storytellers, David Campbell.

Listen as David opens up about his life and his love of storytelling. Raised in the north-east of Scotland, he was immersed in the rich multi-lingual cultural that included the Scots language, English, and the Doric tongue. He first acquired his love of story and song from the men and women of the Traveller tradition and would later befriend the great Traveller storyteller Duncan Williamson, of whom David has written a two-volume account.

Anyone who has had the pleasure of hearing David in session, will appreciate that they are in the presence of a master storyteller, a word-weaver equally adept with Shakespeare or Dylan Thomas, as he is with the Scots poets like Hugh Macdiarmid, Norman McCaig, and Hamish Henderson. In fact, David had the privilege of learning from them. But perhaps his greatest teacher (and sidekick) was the aforementioned Duncan Williamson. When once asked why storytelling was so important, Williamson remarked, "Stories are oor education." David has not only been one of Duncan's greatest students, but a wonderful teacher in his own right who has shared stories and his vast experience with many other storytellers (yours truly included).

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  1. Thank you for this information. I love to hear to stories. Jane Ellen Combelic has been my favorite and wish to listen to her. Thank you for the schedule of the program too.