Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Teller and the Tale features storytellers Len Cabral, Norah Dooley, and Donna Jacobs Sife

This week, I feature three storytellers: Len Cabral and Norah Dooley from the United States; and Donna Jacobs Sife from Australia.

Storyteller Len Cabral
Len Cabral is an internationally renowned storytellers adept at engaging audiences of all ages. Len draws on his Cape Verdean roots, telling stories from his ancestors' homeland as well as Africa and the Caribbean.

Len has performed around the world and won many awards including the 2001 National Storytelling Network's Circle of Excellence Oracle Award. He's also published a number of books and CDs, of which you can find out more about at his website

Storyteller Norah Dooley
American storyteller, author and educator Norah Dooley is well-known for her 1st person stories, historical presentations, and folktales. Many of her stories celebrate unity within diversity. She is the creator of StoriesLive® a high-school storytelling curriculum and a faculty member at Tufts University where she teaches storytelling to undergraduates. In 2014 Norah taught storytelling and language acquisition in Japan.

Norah grew up on Staten Island in a relatively rural area where she and her siblings played Robin Hood and Knights of the Round Table in the nearby woods. "We were ├╝ber geeks," she admits, "ever before there were geeks." At the age of 13, her family moved to Boston. After high school Norah attended university and it was while she was in graduate school that she was first introduced to storytelling. Learn more about Norah and her work at

Storyteller Donna Jacobs Sife
Donna Jacobs Sife is from Australia where she is a writer, storyteller and peace activist among other things. She has travelled widely throughout the world and much of her storytelling reflects the diversity of the cultures she's encountered as well as the common humanity of all of us.

Donna is a lecturer in Sacred Story at the University of Sydney and the University of New South Wales. She is also an educator and performer involved with Judaism with regards to its rich history, culture, rituals and stories. She also uses story in her peace education work around the world.

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