Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Teller and the Tale featuring storyteller Peter Snow

Peter Snow, storyteller
Note: This show was originally scheduled to be broadcast the week of April 3rd. However, a change to the schedule means it will now go out on April 10th. This week will see a repeat of last week's show with Ottawa storyteller Dean Verger.

This week on The Teller and the Tale, host Michael Williams rewinds back to the beginning and features his very first guest storyteller -- Peter Snow.

"Peter had been one of my teaching colleagues for years, at the Edinburgh Rudolf Steiner School," explains Michael, "and he'd always impressed me as a natural storyteller. When I began the show, Peter was my natural go-to guy to be my first guest."

Plagued with asthma as a boy, Peter remembers being told stories by his father to comfort him. Over the years, the asthma faded, but the stories remained. Adding to his love, in particular, of Brer Rabbit stories, Peter draws on his career as a psychiatric nurse in Scotland, a goatherd in Corsica as well as a teacher, for his stories. In recent years, he has made an intense study of Roslin Chapel and the numerous legends and stories that surround this iconic place, resulting in his recent publication "The Shifty Lad and other stories."

Listen to Peter share the adventure of his life as well as a story or two on The Teller and the Tale, beginning Sunday 10 April 2016 at 7am EST (Canada/US), 12noon (UK/Ireland), and 9pm in Australia. Repeated on Thursday - check for details of times in your area.

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