Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Teller and the Tale with Scots-French storyteller Fiona MacLeod

This week the Teller and the Tale rewinds to a previous programme with Scots-French storyteller Fiona MacLeod.

Fiona was born in Perthshire and raised there and in northern Ireland before following her grandmother's footsteps and heading off to France.

It was in Paris, 25 years ago, that Fiona first heard a storyteller. That experience hooked her and she's never looked back. Now living in the traditional village of Locronan, Fiona has made herself at home within storytelling circles, performing and giving workshops to children, young people, and adults.

Fiona is as passionate about the environment and our fellow creatures as she is about storytelling. She recently 'adopted' a donkey from a nearby sanctuary and often contributes her storytelling talents to raise awareness of environmental issues, including holding an annual week-long storytelling in nature workshop.

You can read more about Fiona's interests and storytelling on her Facebook site

Fiona is an energetic traveller having taken her talents to North America, performing in Montreal, Canada among other places. Back in France, she's even followed in the footsteps (or donkey steps) of Scottish writer Robert Louis Stevenson, retracing much of his 19th-century journey around France.

Catch the show again on Sunday 6 March at 7am EDT (Can/US), 12noon (UK/Ire) and 9pm (Australia). Rpt again on Thursday 10 March at 4pm EDT (Can/US), 9pm (UK/Ire) and 6am on Friday 11 March in Australia.

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