Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Teller and the Tale presents Danish storyteller Marianne Christensen

Danish storyteller Marianne Christensen
This week, the Teller and the Tale rewinds back to my interview with Danish storyteller Marianne Christensen. Marianne was born in Vordingborg, a small town in the south of Denmark and home to many generations of her family. Her grandparents were wonderful storytellers, telling tales of farming and everyday life in the region, and Marianne recounts her childhood memories of hearing these stories.

Marianne brings compassion, courage, and humour to her storytelling. Just a few minutes in her company will enthuse you with her passion; after half an hour, you just might find yourself following in her footsteps on your own storytelling journey.

The show gets underway on Sunday 6 December and Thursday 10 December 2015. Sunday's show begins at 7am EDT (Can/US). Thursday's show starts at 4pm EDT (Can/US). Check for times in your area.

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