Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Teller and the Tale features Scottish storyteller Allison Galbraith

Join me on this week's Teller and the Tale when I meet up with Scottish storyteller Allison Galbraith. The stories begin on Sunday 20th Sept at 7am EDT (Can/US), 12noon BST (UK/Ireland) and 9pm EST (Australia). Only on Blues and Roots Radio,

Born in England to Scottish parents, Allison now lives in Lanark, south of Glasgow. [She also has Canadian connections -- her great, great grandfather Hugh Campbell emigrated in the 1920s settling in my hometown of Hamilton Ontario. His sister later married into the Emslie family, so if there are any Emslies reading this or listening to the show next week, get in touch.]
Allison started storytelling back in the 1980s when she started telling stories to Travellers' children in the Midlands. Since then, she's taken her passion for storytelling all over the UK. She has a wide repertoire of stories and accents with which to tell them. She loves nature stories and revels in tales of the faery folk from the Celtic tradition.
Listeners of The Teller and the Tale asked 3 questions of our storytellers. Read on for Alison's answers.
1. What called you to storytelling?

In my first proper job - a part-time, community librarian - I used to entertain the local travelers' children, by reading them stories in the dinky one-room library. Read more . . .

Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Teller and the Tale with storyteller Janelle Combelic

This week on The Teller and the Tale, I re-visit a conversation I had in 2014 with storyteller and poet Janelle Combelic.

Janelle is originally from Colorado but has travelled the world. In 2011 she married and settled down near the eco-spiritual-holistic community of Findhorn in the north of Scotland where she founded and co-hosts a monthly storytelling ceilidh among other things.

Janelle is also a writer, poet, and mindfulness practitioner with a grounding in Buddhist practice. Not surprisingly much of her storytelling explores themes of forgiveness and compassion and peace.

Listen to Janelle share her life and stories this week beginning Sunday 6 September 7am EDT (Canada/US), 12noon BST (UK), and 9pm EST (Australia). Repeated on Tuesdays and Thursdays. See for full details of times in your area of the world.

Storytelling told eye to eye, mind to mind, and heart to heart.