Sunday, March 15, 2015

Teller and the Tale with storyteller and herbalist Amanda Edmiston

Due to a mix-up on times last week, I'm repeating this show again starting Sunday 22 March at 7am (Canada/US) and 11am (UK/Ireland). Repeated on Tuesday at 8pm (Canada/US) and 12midnight (UK/Ireland) and Thursday 4pm (Canada/US) and 8pm (UK/Ireland). North American times are EST and British times are GMT. Check for times in your part of the world.

This week on The Teller and the Tale, I'm joined by Scottish storyteller Amanda Edmiston.

Born in Aberdeen, Amanda's has travelled and lived in different parts of the UK before coming to Glasgow as a single mother to study herbalism. It was around this time that she also took up storytelling, no surprise given that she grew up in a storytelling household (Amanda's mother is storyteller Jean Edmiston).

However, before she began her life as a storyteller, Amanda spent time studying Native American art and culture in America, an influence which also finds its way into her stories. She also studied human rights law and ashtanga yoga, a practice which still informs and inspires her work.

Recently, Amanda has been working with the "Living Voices" programme, sharing poems, stories, and songs with the elderly in a highly participative project. She's also at home in the classroom telling stories with children and young people, inviting them into the ancient world of herbal and botanic folklore demonstrating the importance of our relationship with the natural world.

In addition to her solo work, Amanda frequently collaborates with other artists and musicians exploring local history, people, plants, and the important life-giving connections between them all. Learn more about Amanda's work at

One of those works is Atropa Nights, a collaboration with musician Louise Cairns. In it, Amanda tells tales of dangerous plants, wilful women, and the men that loved them. One reviewer has written,

“I was incredibly impressed by Amanda's storytelling. I found her performance gripping. Her incredibly theatrical physical presence, combined with her the deep voice, she drew her audience through a series of tangled and entwined triptych of tales, involving and enthralling her audiences in equal measures whilst creating characters that bring a smile with humorous asides and observations that keep her voyeurs hanging on her every word and transfixed with her every gesture.”

Amanda will be taking the show to the Logan Botanic Garden, near Port Logan in Dumfriesshire, in May 2015 so check her website--Botanica Fabula-- for dates and times.

Join me as I catch up with Amanda in her home near Stirling to chat about her life and storytelling and learn more about her passion for herbal and botanic folklore and story. It all starts off on Sunday 15 March at 7am EST (Canada/US) and 11am GMT (UK/Ireland) only on Blues and Roots Radio ( Check the Blues and Roots Radio website for details of times in your area.

You can also learn more about our guests and listen to other shows at The Teller and the Tale web site

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