Saturday, November 15, 2014

Teller and the Tale with guest storyteller Wendy Woolfson

This week on The Teller and the Tale, I'm joined by Scottish storyteller Wendy Woolfson.

Wendy was born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland into a family of artists, magicians, storytellers and actors. Her mother, a professional actor coached her from the age of 4 in performance, poetry recitation and vocal gymnastics whilst regaling the family with her hilarious stories at all opportunities.

Wendy's working life has varied from street artist, balloon decorator to retail manager and coach, photographer and bicycle messenger. The retail part lasted 10 years and developed her skills in working with people and managing large teams providing her with the abilities she has today of organising quality events. She was the Producer of the organisation Stories for Health and in 2010 organised the first Scottish International Symposium on Storytelling as a Healing Art.

Wendy fell into storytelling during a course on Puppet Theatre Arts in 2004. Soon after she took a post at the Glasgow Steiner School as Handwork teacher whilst honing her storytelling experience in various schools and events round Glasgow and studying storytelling at Glasgow University with poet, author and storyteller Tom Pow. She has been a registered professional storyteller with The Scottish Storytelling Centre and Scottish Book Trust since 2006. In 2008 she was co-resident storyteller at the Village Storytelling Centre with Jean Edmiston who also generously shared her decades of knowledge as a mentor and received story coaching from Michael Williams during 2010.

Wendy has worked with people of all ages and abilities, including people with learning and physical disabilities; she thrives in an environment where she is given the opportunity to help others grow.  

As she says, 'The wisdom and wonder of stories consistently amazes me as I continue to develop in this work." (adapted from Wendy's biography at

Join me, beginning this Sunday 16th November on Blues and Roots Radio ( as I welcome Wendy to the show. Listen as she shares her life's work with storytelling and tells the remarkable Native-American tale of "Shingebiss".

You can also learn more about our guests at The Teller and the Tale web site

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